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Holiday and New Year Greetings

Print Design, Storyboarding, Video


We created a dynamic, graphic pairing of holiday and new year's print cards that were reinterpreted as short animations to be displayed in time square during the holiday season. The printed holiday card also contained an augmented reality QR code to add an extra dimension.  Employees were able to download e-cards to send to their colleagues which also displayed the festive animations.


Associate Creative Director


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Holiday Layout_0006_Layer 5.jpg

During the New Year Festivities in Time Square, we also created a memorable numeric rollover from 2019 to 2020. We divided the year into four quadrants to allow for four simultaneous animations for each digit. This created a fun, impactful and dynamic reveal of the new year!

Holiday Layout_0002_Layer 7.jpg
Holiday Layout_0003_Layer 8.jpg
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